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Tequila Habanero Hot Sauce


Aye Carrumba!! Definitely on the enjoyable side of hot. Our Tequila Habanero gets it’s phenomenal flavor from delicious Dominican Habaneros, roasted tomatillos, lime juice and top shelf blue agave 1800 tequila. This is a melt in your mouth nectar of the gods worthy of the most discriminating pallet.
Creating this sauce took  time patience and aspirin for the morning after.

After all, cooking with alcohol is a tedious process! 

We tried a half a dozen different types of tequila from an earthy mexcal to various silvers. None gave this sauce what it deserved … what you deserve … nirvana in a bottle.

The blue agave 1800 Repesado smoothes out the flavor to its mouth watery signature. Enjoy!!!