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Original Habanero aka “Burned My Ass”

orig2Our Original Habanero Hot Sauce … Our Premier sauce labeled as “Burned My Ass” debuted in 1995. Our “Original” Hot Sauce is made of a blend of Habanero and Scotch Bonnet Peppers and a sack full of  spices which assures you that this sauce is far more than just heat. It’s most likely the best tasting hot sauce you’ll ever have.

We don’t use artificial ingredients, starches, fillers or binders in any of our sauces. We also use sea salt as a natural preservative. Typically an average store bought hot sauce like any Louisiana or “Red” type sauce has in upwards of 150 mg of sodium per teaspoon serving. We are a fraction of that at 8-10 mg sodium per teaspoon serving.

She’s hot and so is the sauce … But the sauce isn’t crazy hot! We don’t make a sauce that you won’t want to finish. I would rather loose one customer because it’s not hot enough than everyone else because it’s too hot.

Taste it and I’m positive you’ll agree that our Original is the best heat you’ll ever taste.