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   Posted: 08/28/2017

A post from the owner of Everglades Hot Sauce Co Inc.

We are currently in the transition of updating our company and website as well as changing our company name from Cutler Bay Hot Sauce Co to our new name of EVERGLADES HOT SAUCE CO INC. During this time an individual had filed for assumption of the dissolved company name in an aggressive maneuver to derail the new company’s forward momentum.

*** Buyers Beware***

*** I have been alerted that some one is now vigorously soliciting the sale of the monetarily worthless names of “Cutler Bay Hot Sauce Co Inc.”  and “CB Hot Sauce Co Inc.”. **Note** The sale is for the company name and name only!!! The sale does not include the two “dot com” domain webpages as I still currently maintain control of them until November 2026. The sale does not include any and or all recipes, blue sky, trademark-protected logos, labeling, equipment, advertisement media, banners, fliers, existing stock and client list.

Rest assured that we at Everglades Hot Sauce Co Inc. (formerly the Cutler Bay Hot Sauce co.) will endeavor and continue to deliver the best tasting hot sauces as we have been doing so since 1995.

In reiteration … WE ARE NO LONGER ASSOCIATED OR AFFILIATED WITH THE “COMPANY NAMES” OF CUTLER BAY HOT SAUCE CO INC. AND CB HOT SAUCE CO INC. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

If you wish to purchase any of our dee-lishus sauces or if you have questions or comments, please contact us via email @ Gladeshotsauce@aol.com

Thank you all for your continued support and your kind words and voracious appetites. Hope to see y’all very soon.

To the new owner of the company names … good luck with your acquisition.